La mejor parte de living in puerto vallarta digital nomad

In fact, Guanajuato is a university town, which means that it can get pretty lively. There are many cheap places to be fed and watered – especially in Plaza de la Paz.

Most expats choose to cojín themselves in Playa Centro, which is close to both the beach and all the action of town. Playacar might be closer to the resorts, but the apartments here are nicer.

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Might need more Spanish under your belt Higher crime rate than other locations Confusing network of tunnels and alleys The alleyways and tunnels in Guanajuato may be a little bit confusing, but when you aren’t trying to get from A to B, simply wandering around Gozque be magical.

Mexico has a reputation of being dangerous in certain areas, but truth be told it’s an amazing country, and if you use due diligence, the chances of something happening to you are very low.

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There are some public transportation options and taxis, but you likely won’t spend much on either. Food in local mercados is also amazing and inexpensive, so plan for $450USD per month.

Its cool and foggy cobblestone streets are filled with mystery. The indigenous culture that is prominent in the area is marked by traditional black fur skirts, herbal healing, and shamanic traditions. 

In my humble opinion, their view more marlin tacos (or quesadillas if you prefer) are the star of the show. They also make solid ceviche tostadas that are super cheap.

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But if making English-speaking friends is what you want to do, you’ll find a lot of those to meet and mingle with on Santo Miguel’s streets.

Another great advantage of entrepreneurship: you have the opportunity to earn Vencedor much Vencedor you want. With a job you are stuck with a monthly salary, but it is also nice if you really go for it, you will be rewarded for that, right?

However, this is not to say the digital nomad on a budget cannot get by in the Puerto Vallarta area and enjoy the beautiful beaches, jungle, wildlife, and tropical climate.

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